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Gynecology and obstetrics healthcare for women in Dubai

Dr. Najat Hazimeh Clinic provides compassionate gynecological and obstetrics care. Founded by Dr Najat Hazimeh, the clinic provides care in all areas of gynecology and obstetrics, specializing in sexually transmited diseases (STDs) and high-risk pregnancies.

Holistic Care

We pride ourselves on ensuring our patients are fully heard so that we can provide complete support through each stage of their journey.

Comfortable Environment

Our team of professional staff foster a home-like, private environment where patients are treated with respect and understanding.

DHA Compliant

The clinic fully complies with all rules and regulations put forth by
the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and will continue to do so.
The following is a list of our core treatment areas:

STD Testing & Treatment


Polycystic Ovaries

Normal & Complicated Pregnancy


Pelvic Surgery


Normal and Cesarean Delivery


Menstrual Irregularity & Heavy Bleeding

Screening for Breast, Cervical, Uterine, & Ovarian Cancer

Take charge of your reproductive health and experience personalized care from our expert gynecologist specializing in pregnancies, STDs, cesarean delivery, and polycystic ovaries. Request an appointment today for comprehensive support and guidance tailored to your unique needs.